RubyPark Public School provides transportation facilities to its students for safe and smooth journey to and fro the school premises.

The School runs the latest Euro IV compliant air-conditioned buses equipped with CCTV, First Aid Box & Fire Extinguisher. All School Buses are electronically connected to the Control Room through GPS Tracking System. The parents are informed about the bus reaching the drop point (under normal traffic conditions) say 10 minutes beforehand by sending an auto-generated SMS. A Lady attendant accompanies the students of the Junior Classes.

However, it offers no guarantee that a seat will be available at all times as it is on first-come-first-served basis. The transport network covers the major part of the city and routes are designed to be student-friendly. However, if the bus does not ply in the area of residence, parents or local/legal guardians will be responsible to drop / collect the student from the stop.

The exact pick up & drop points can be informed only at the beginning of the session. Inspite of the best efforts, due to unavoidable circumstances, transport routes may change without prior intimation or explanation. Also, transport routes applicable in the Junior Classes may not be applicable in the Senior Classes.

Transport Fees (subject to change due to fuel prices, etc.) for Academic Session 2021-2022 are mentioned below:

Distance to School from pick-up point (Kms.) Transport Fees per month (Rs.)
Upto 5.50 Kms. 2,750
5.50 Kms. — upto 10.50 Kms. 3,100
10.50 Kms. — upto 30.00 Kms. 3,500

Transport Registration Charges of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) shall have to be paid in addition to Transport Fees at the beginning of each academic year and / or at the time of availing transport facility. Transport Fees will be charged for 12 months. A parent, who withdraws the transport facility before the vacations and rejoins after the vacations, may not be given the transport facility. The Transport Fees is payable along with the school fees on a quarterly basis.

Parents can use smart phone app My School Bus to track their wards transport bus in real time and get useful alerts.

Advanced Tracking Service
  • Proximity alert for pick-up and drop : You will be notified through the My School Bus app or regular SMS as soon as your kid’s school bus approaches his/her pick-up or drop location.
  • Check the location of your kid’s bus during pickup and drop timing : You can use the My School Bus app to see the location of your kid’s school bus during pickup and drop timing from anywhere to plan for your other tasks accordingly.
Bus RFID Attendance Service
  • Alert when your kid swipes his smart ID card at RFID reader machine in bus : You will be notified through the My School Bus app or regular SMS with time and location of swipe when your kid swipes card at bus. Kindly instruct your child to regularly swipe his smart ID card at bus reader machine
Steps to use My School Bus App for tracking

Please follow these steps to use the App :

STEP 1 : For android phone users click , For iPhone users click

STEP 2 : Kindly use the number shared with school as primary contact number and then tap the Submit button.

STEP 3 : You will receive One Time Password (OTP) as SMS at the number you provided. Type that OTP in the password field. Tap the Submit button.

STEP 4 : If you get add student screen, please check/correct the primary number with school. You can tap on any of the route and see the current location, distance and estimated time of arrival of the vehicle in that route (Only during the pick-up and drop durations).

Please feel free to call on the support number (033) 4060 5705 between 10 AM to 6 PM on any working days in case you need any help.

Log In Screen
Kids Assigned Route
Real Time Tracking
Stay updated with Pickup & Drop Alerts

Students can avail the school transport, subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are framed keeping in mind the needs of the parents and they should consult the school transport-in-charge for details.

  1. Parents are requested not to board school buses to see off or receive their wards.
  2. Parents should not try to overtake and stop the School bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. This act will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  3. Parents should not argue with the teachers present in the bus or the conductor / driver. If there is any problem, a written communication should be forwarded to the Administrative office.
  4. Under no circumstances are students allowed to go behind or under the parked buses within the school campus.
    Students are also not allowed to sit in the parked buses during school hours.
  5. under no circumstances, should students touch the instrument panel of the buses.
  6. A student using the school bus is expected to be at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. The student has to be on the correct side of the arriving bus. The scheduled pick-up time is available with the Transport-in-charge of the school. The school reserves the right to alter the timings, routes and stops as and when necessary.
  7. Students are issued a Bus Boarding Card (Class 2 to 6) with Bus Route No. The Card should be worn by the student before boarding the bus and the same should be worn at all times till the end of the return journey.
  8. If any parent, whose child is availing school transport service, wishes to take their ward privately in his/her own transport, he/she has to collect the Permission Slip from the school authorities half an hour before the end of the last class.
  9. Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus and bus stop. No change can be allowed without prior, written permission of the school.
  10. If a student misses his allotted bus he should not try to board any other bus. It is the responsibility of the parents to drop off their wards to the school. However the student will return by the allotted bus.
  11. The school will not be held responsible for any lapse in the bus services. In case of any discrepancy, parents may meet the Transport-in-charge.
  12. The buses will not wait for latecomers.
  13. Students should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  14. No student should come near the entry door of the bus until it comes to a complete halt. The front door of the bus is the only authorised entrance and exit.
  15. Boarding and alighting from buses should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  16. All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding their respective buses. Reservation of seats for co-commuters are not allowed under any circumstances.
  17. No student should travel standing on the footboard.
  18. Students must not move around in the bus when it is in motion.
  19. The students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear, school bags and other belongings are placed properly.
  20. Students must not put any part of their body outside the bus. They should not put their hands out even for waving.
  21. No object should be discarded inside or thrown outside the bus.
  22. Consumption of edibles is not permitted in the buses.
  23. Unruly behaviour like shrieking and shouting and playing foul is strictly prohibited. Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.
  24. The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  25. The drivers are authorised to stop buses at the designated stops only.
    The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is always subject to change.
  26. One complete month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice must be given, before the student is withdrawn from the school transport service.
  27. The bus monitor on duty is responsible for maintaining discipline inside the bus. Any serious offence must be reported to the Co-ordinator immediately.
  28. In case of any change, of a temporary or permanent nature, in transport pick-up / drop point or transport route, the permission for the same has to be sought by applying to the Transport department at the School office. In case of permanent change of transport route, the application must be submitted along with administrative charges of Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) at the School Office.
  29. Parents have to ensure that their wards do not go unescorted to and from the bus stops.
  30. Parents must check the time of the child’s arrival at home after dispersal.
  31. Parents (or whoever is authorised by the parents) have to produce the Escort Card at the bus stop to receive their wards from the respective bus drop points failing which the student will be brought back to the school and will be handed over only on production of escort card.
  32. The Monthly Transport service charges for the scheduled route/routes will be as per notification. Fees will be charged for all 12 months. A parent, who withdraws the transport facility before the vacations and rejoins after the vacations, may not be given the transport service facility. The amount is payable along with the school fees on a quarterly basis.
  33. Bus services will be discontinued without further notice for children who do not follow bus rules, damage accessories of the bus or offend passers – by with their actions or words.
  34. If any student is reported to be throwing objects outside from the school bus, strict disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
  35. Students must be in school uniform whenever they report to school, with or without their parents. Students reporting to school in any other dress will not be allowed entry.

Route No. 1 (Approx. 16 Km)

Bansdroni Metro, Golf Green, T.V. Tower, Lords More, Dhaka Kalibari, Nabina Cinema, Bhalikhana More, South City Gardens, Peace Park, James Long Sarani, RPPS Taratala

Route No. 2 (Approx. 19 Km)

Upohar Bengal Ambuja, Siemens, Dhan Math, Acropolis Mall, Tribarna Sangha, Kasba PO, South Point (Tasty Corner), Gariahat Xing, Keyatala Road, Lake Mall, Bhawani Cinema, Hindustan Sweets, New Alipore (Trikon Park), RPPS Taratala

Route No. 2A (Approx. 18 Km)

Santoshpur Jorabridge, Sontoshpur Baltala, Gitanjali Park, South City Mall, Bangur Hospital, Siriti More, Buroshivtala Main Road, RPPS Taratala.

Route No. 3 (Approx. 22 Km)

Mala Para, Indian Airlines, Elliot Rd, Moulali More, Park Circus 4 No Bridge, Elgin Inox, Harish Mukherjee Gurudwara, Jadu Babur Bazar, Mitra School, Purna Cinema, Chetla Gobinda Auddy Rd, RPPS Taratala.

Route No. 4 (Approx. 17 Km)

Greenfield City, Ketopoi, Daimond City West, Sarsuna Muchipara, Genenx Valley, Behala Silpara, Manton, RPPS Taratala

Route No. 5 (Approx. 13 Km)

Budge Budge Chowrastha, Sarangabad, Budge Budge Jolkal, Purti Flower Appt, Behala Flying Club, RPPS Taratala

Route No. H1 (Approx. 24 Km)

Howrah B.E College, College Ghat Road, Icchapur Water Tank, Howrah Carrie Road, Mandirtola, Khidderpore Babu Bazar, CMRI Hospital, Durgapur Bridge , Mominpore, RPPS Taratala